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Any association with the Mockingjay symbol is forbidden.

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Our Leader The Mockingjay - Mockingjay part 1 teaser trailer

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I was initially planning on being a casual fan, but then I thought, why not just let it consume my soul instead? 

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"Peeta and I had adjoining cells in the capitol. We’re very familiar with each other’s screams.”

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Johanna Mason in the new Mockingjay Pt 1 teaser

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President Snow’s Panem Address #2 - “Unity”

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CITIZENS: The Capitol requires your viewing of President Snow’s official Panem Address, “Together As One,” brought to you by Capitol TV in stunning 4K.

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hunger games au: last year was child’s play

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In her first games, Johanna Mason had pretended to be the underdog of the tributes, acting weak and fragile while in reality, she was strong and sly, much to the surprise of her fellow tributes. This technique allowed her to remain in the games for much longer because she was passed off as weak and somebody who would be easy to kill later on. She proved them wrong, of course, by winning the games.

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Burn everything you love then burn the ashes

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"I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking. Better not to give in to it. It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart."